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Vision Statement

ICT Vision Statement

As ICT underpins today’s modern lifestyle, it is essential that all children gain the confidence and ability that they need in this subject to prepare them for the challenge of life in a rapidly developing and changing technological world. The use of ICT will enhance and extend children’s learning across the whole curriculum whilst developing motivation and social skills.

Our ICT Curriculum Aims to:

  • Give all pupils opportunities to use ICT in every subject from English and Maths to PE and Music.
  • Teach all pupils how to use the internet safely, not by limiting their use of the internet, but by teaching sensible use of it.
  • Give pupils opportunities to choose when to use ICT and which ICT to use for given tasks when appropriate.
  • Keep pace with educational developments in ICT and have a commitment to teachers having the necessary tools to do their jobs effectively, helping them to be confident and capable of creating effective and creative learning experiences for all pupils.
  • Continue to use Information Management Systems to enhance pupil databases and record keeping.

How our ICT Curriculum is Planned:

Unit Overview

Progression Framework

Please see our Progression of Skills in ICT document.