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Welcome to Year 2 - St Anne Line (2 Line)


Feast Day: 4th May - : ‘I call you friends because I have told you everything from my Father’ John 15:15

Class Teacher –  Miss Bennett

Teaching Assistant – Mrs Maggs , Mrs Polland


Key Stage One SATS Presentation January 2023

Y2 Breakfast Workshop Wednesday 19th January 2022

Year 1 & Year 2 Trip to Bucklebury Farm 30th March 2022

Year 2 were visited by Jan the Education Officer at Newbury showground. They were treated to a ''Shake Your Wake up'' Breakfast workshop. This workshop is to promote the most important meal of the day ...breakfast!

The children had a busy morning making smoothies & porridge, planting wheat,oat and barley seeds and learn't all about where milk comes from with the help of Buttercup the milking cow.

“Year Two had an amazing day at Bucklebury Farm on Wednesday. The children went on a bumpy tractor ride around the fields to feed the deer, had a farm tour where we saw lots of goats, chickens, pigs, ponies. We got to 'pat a pet' where we held guinea pigs, rabbits, chicks and a tortoise. After lunch, they got to go egg collecting and feed a lamb!” Miss Bennett

"I liked stroking the ponies." Aaron

"I loved holding the guinea pigs." Eva

"I really enjoyed watching the baby lamb drink milk form the bottle." Lyra

 "I've never seen an alpaca before!" Mateusz

Parent Support

How can you help?

•  Listen to them reading daily.  Talk about the type of text (fiction or non-fiction) and any new vocabulary. With fiction ask questions about the characters, what might happen next, the language used and what they have enjoyed about the story. With non-fiction ask questions about the layout and organisation of the text and what information can be learned. Enjoy visits to the library and listening to story tapes.

•  Practise counting in different steps and from different numbers (ones, twos, fives, tens) and notice the patterns. Begin to learn the times tables (twos, tens, fives).Talk about the numbers you notice around you and what they mean, such as weights on food packaging, times on a train timetable, speed limits, temperatures, and so on.  Play games such as dominoes, snakes and ladders, bingo etc. Explore together money and telling the time.

•  Practise their spellings with them.

•  Talk about what they have learnt and encourage them to continue their learning at home.

•  Help them to become more independent by being able to do up their ties and shoe laces, be responsible for their belongings and enter the classroom on their own after having said good bye to them by the KS1 wooden gate.

•  Try to ensure they get a good night’s sleep.

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