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Vision Statement

Our Geography Curriculum Aims to:

At St Joseph’s our intention is to develop the children’s knowledge and skills to become geographers. We have created a diverse curriculum that builds on a progression of key knowledge, skills, concepts and vocabulary. It develops investigative and problem-solving skills alongside teaching ways of communicating and evidencing geographical information; such as written work, map work, numerical and quantitative data. The children will learn to make sense of the world in which they live, on a local, national and global level; it will inspire them to think about their place in the world, their values, rights and responsibilities, particularly the environmental and sustainability concerns that will affect the future. We encourage critical thinking and perceptive questioning, asking them to weigh evidence to develop their own opinions and judgements.


How is our Geography Curriculum Planned:

Across the school we use a wide range of starting points for our planning which we then build on to create medium term planning that is relevant to, and enhances the experiences of, our children. We ensure coverage of knowledge, vocabulary and skills through a range of exciting activities, theme days, workshops and field trips in order to fully immerse them in each topic. To enable the children to express this knowledge and understanding, we teach a progression of oracy and metacognition skills throughout their wider learning. 


Unit Overview

Please see our separate document.


Progression Framework

Please see our Geography Progression of Skills document.