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Number Day 6th May 2021

Number Day was amazing! The children were given an Escape Room challenge. The aim was to find all the pieces of a key, which unlocked the clue to find Buddy. (Buddy is the NSPCC’s mascot.) They had to solve different Maths problems to unlock the clues about where the key was. The children were very engaged and really enjoyed the Escape Room. All the classes timed how long it took them. The winner was the class with the fastest time. The winner was Year 2, with a time of 21 minutes and 49 seconds. As the prize, they got an inflatable buddy. 

Thank you to everyone for their donations. We raised £147 for NSPCC




Pick-up and Drop-Off Times will remain the same as in the Autumn Term:

Our staggered drop off and collection times will continue as in the Autumn term, in order to ensure everyone’s safety during these busy times. We kindly request that all adults, both inside and outside the gate continue to wear masks at drop off and collection to help keep everyone safe


Entrance Timings

Exit Timings

Collection Area





Outside Gate

Y6 and Reception





Y6 – Outside Gate

Reception - Inside

Y5 and Y1





Y5 – Outside

Y1 - Inside

Y4 and Y2





Y4 – Outside

Y2- Inside







If you have children in more than one class, please collect at the later time.

School Uniform

• All children to return in school uniform please. Please note this can be either Summer or Winter unifrom. If you have any difficulties with this, please contact the office.

• Children can wear their PE kits to school on PE days – your child’s class teacher will confirm what day PE is on the timetable

• Fit Friday will continue - children should wear their full PE tracksuit please

Thank you for your continued support of our school over the last few months and we look forward to seeing you all soon. Hopefully we will continue to see more easing of restrictions as we move towards the Summer.

With our love and prayers to you all

Any questions or concerns please do contact us via email office@stjosephs.w-berks.sch.uk

Mrs Bosher



''There is a strong sense of welcome from the moment you step over the threshold and very good relationships exist between all members of the community'' S48 Validation Report May 2016

''The children in the school demonstrate outstanding respect, behaviour and Christian attitudes in their relationships, with a clear sense of right and wrong'' S48 Validation Report May 2016

''strong determined and decisive leadership which has improved the quality of teaching and pupils progress'' Our staff  are proud to work at St Joseph's and value the positive improvements which have been made'' Ofsted March 2018

'St Joseph's Catholic Primary School is a school that works hard to 'follow Jesus, recognise the Holy Spirit and nurture gifts'.The mission statement is well known and all the community do their very best to live it out on a daily basis.'' S48 Validation Report May 2016

''pupils enjoy coming to school and feel safe'' Ofsted March 2018