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Y6 PGL Windmill Hill Trip 2017


Whilst the weather may have been miserable, we certainly weren't and were all very excited to begin our adventure. In what seemed like no time at all we had made it to our rest stop, the lovely little seaside town of Littlehampton. After eating lunch in the park we took a stroll along the promenade. Fully refreshed from the sea air we boarded the coach again for the final leg of our journey. 

We arrived at PGL and met our group leader called Holly who showed us around and gave us a preview of some of the activities we would be doing during the week. 

After dinner it is was time for our evening activity... Campfire. We joined two other schools for a fun evening singing songs. 

We are looking forward to day two tomorrow. 



Mrs Mcveigh '' I am so proud of the positive attitude of all the children they are conquering their fears, and encouraging each other. Real teamwork! 


Well done to the following children for receiving 'Star of the Day' 

Hayden for his teamwork skills and motivating others

Kydan for his encouragement and support of others, and helpingrs Mcveigh to conquer her fear and go on the giant swing. 

Eva for all round attitude and making the right choices

Mia for putting others before herself. 

Eleanor for never giving up

DAY 2 - Group 2

On Tuesday group 2 took part in a variety of activities, taking to the water , the air and battling it out in fencing.

Kira " I quite liked canoeing because I have not done it before, I found it funny as I forgot how to do things. We had to get some plastics ducks and our boat nearly capsized trying to get one''

Lewis '' I went on the giant swing with Mrs Clark and for the first go we went three quarters high and for the second go we went right to the top. When we went right to the top it was a scary feeling because when you pulled the rope you had a sudden drop''

Kydan '' I thought Mrs Mcveigh was going to burst my eardrums on our go on the giant swing''




Star of the day - day 4





DAY 2 - Group 3

Group 3's challenge started with Jacob's ladder. An activity using teamwork, strength and bravery. The children were strapped into harnesses and had to work in teams to make it to the top of a ladder made of logs, but the further up the children made it the further apart the logs became, as a result they needed to rely on their team mates to help them up. 

Lily B '' I was really scared at first but when I started doing it I really enjoyed it'

Group 3 then made their way indoors to fencing where they learn'how to attack and counter attack. 


Tayla - Encouraging team members

Aisling - Good Manners

Kirstin - Encouraging others.

Oliver H - Perserverance

Bella - Reaching her goal

Dylan - Patience & Manners

Kira - Pushing herself

Mrs Privett  - Facing her fears - (heights)

Olivia - Climbed without effort

Imogen - Being a team member and always smiling

DAY 3 - Group 3

Haydn ''Giant Swing was awesome because you got strapped into a harness and a metal bar. They then pulled you up, released a string and it catapulted you off''


Eleanor '' I love sharing my room with all these nice girls''

Issy' 'I loved the evening activity as everyone gets together' 

Kristin ``I love all the activities''

Kydan' 'It is fun interacting with everyone' '



DAY 2 - Group 1

We started the day with a hearty breakfast before splitting into 3 groups. Group 1 began with canoeing, great fun was had learning to canoe and playing fun games like cat and mouse in our canoes. 

Despite careful instruction Ronan and Oliver H capsized not once but twice!! The second time was during a game of world domination where the boys were pretending to be the Roman Empire. Upon their capsizing Bella's cry on the Romans have fallen was heard across the lake. 

Oliver H '' I enjoyed canoeing the best bit was when we fell, it was a bit slimy on the bottom of the lake though'


After a quick change group 1 moved on to Aeroball. A fast paced game of mixing trampolining with the aerial aspect of basketball. Everybody slam dunked a beanbag into hoops, some more than others. 

Tudor '' It is really really fun and I wish I could do it all day. It is awesome but tiring''

After a shaky start where the adults struggled to fit through the child sized gap(see picture below) Mr Strickland and Mr Robinson quickly established dominance on the Aeroball pitch, even after receiving a kneeling handicap from the ref.!! 

DAY 3 - Group 1

Group 1 started off the day with Jacobs Ladder, a challenging activity not for the feint hearted.

Nadia '' I liked this as it was good to climb but really hard at the same time''

Group 1 then tackled 'All aboard'. A extremely tall pole the children had to climb and balance on the top.

Arushi ''I got to the top and it was wobbly. I am not scared of heights but I was shaking when I got to the top''


DAY 3 - Group 2

Lewis '' Despite having a sprained wrist, I still managed to climb across the climbing wall with my right hand and both of my feet''

Tayla ''All aboard was really fun but also really scary. At the top we had to push each other off the top''

Cody ''Raft building was really fun as we all had a go at jumping in''


A rainy last day