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Fit Friday


Starting this academic year we have introduced Fit Friday.  Each Friday the classes with be doing a range of different activities to encourage the children and staff to get up and get moving.

This terms activities will include, a mile walk around the field, Yoga and Irish Dancing

Irish Dancing

On Friday 22nd September we were treated to a day of Irish Dancing Workshops from the Ruddock Academy.  Each class had a session learning the basics steps.

Rebecca and Oscar told us “ The Irish Dancing was a fun experience.  We listened to many Irish songs and learned a few moves.  The moves were hard but fun.  The moves were called hop, skip, 23, jump and step behind.

At the end we got to see Joshua do one of his routines.”

We would like to thank Joshua Ruddock for coming in to teach the children.



Yoga helps children to nurture a positive image of themselves and others and teaches children that yoga is  science of both the body and the mind. The classes aim to maintain a child's natural flexibility. There are over 170 yoga postures that the child can explore, all of which increase a child's physical and mental strength, stamina and poise. The classes also aim to increase the level of oxygen within the blood through breathing techniques, which will offer optimum brain function and support children's learning.