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St Joseph's School Governing body

At St Joseph’s, the Governing Body is made up of Foundation Governors (who are appointed by the Diocese), Staff Governors, Parent Governors and Local Authority Governors.

Governors are entrusted with ensuring the school is well run and promotes pupil achievement. The Governing Body's key duties include: setting the strategic direction, policies and objectives; approving the school budget and reviewing progress against it; acting as critical friend (by supporting and challenging the headteacher). In addition the Foundation Governors on the Governing Body have a legal duty to preserve and develop the Catholic character of the school and to ensure that the school is conducted in accordance with its trust deed. An important aspect of this is supporting and upholding the Catholic ethos of the school.

As well as sitting on the main governing body, Governors also form sub-committees and working groups that meet once or twice a term and have responsibility for the following specific areas of school management:

We also have a Complaints and Grievance Committee which forms as and when required and this is made up of a selection of Governors which can include John Apicella, Stephen Wasko and Elizabeth O'Keeffe.

Committees are bound by the rules and objectives set out their Standing Orders which are approved by the full governing body each year.

Members of our Governing Body 2019-20

Meeting Dates

Full Governing Body

Catholic Ethos & Admissions

Finance & Premises

Staffing, Performance Management & Safeguarding

Standards & Curriculum


17th September 2019



12th November 2019


15th October 2019


9th October 2019


3rd December 2019


5th November 2019



14th January 2020


10th December 2019


20th November 2019


31st March 2019


10th December 2019



25th February 2020


11th February 2020


5th February 2019


7th July 2019


25th February 2020



19th May 2020


17th March 2020


10th June 2019



31st March 2020




21st April 2020




28th April 2020




23rd June 2020




14th July 2020







Governor targets are a critical element within the School Development Plan and enable Governors to focus on the priorities for the coming year.  Below are the key governor priorities for the current academic year:

  • Recruit a permanent Head Teacher from September 2020
  • Support the interim school leaders and new staff
  • Manage the school’s finances and avoid setting a deficit budget
  • Fill all remaining governor vacancies
  • Conduct a Governing Body review
  • Continue governor development 
  • Build links with the new parish priest at St Francis’.

The School Development Plan also contains outcomes/success criteria to enable measurement of success at the end of the current school year.

Summary of Register of Business Interests 2019-20

Previous Governors

Previous Governors 2018 – 19

Jolanta Paszko-Bertek (Foundation Governor) 15.03.17 – 10.09.18 (resigned).

Paul Dykes (Foundation Governor) 17.03.15 – 16.03.19 (end of term).

John Byrne (Associate Member) 18.07.18 – 17.03.19 (resigned).

Jenny Hill (Staff Governor) 19.01.18 – 03.04.19 (resigned as teacher).

Michael Robinson (Associate Member) 06.11.18 – 05.04.19 (when elected as Staff Governor).

Anthony Battrum (Parent Governor) 20.05.15 – 09.05.19 (resigned once appointed Foundation Governor).

Toby Tyler (Foundation Governor) 23.06.15 – 22.06.19 (end of term).

Lucy Shannon (Parent Governor) 03.11.16 – 30.06.19 (resigned). 

Lucy Hobbs (Associate Member) 18.07.18 – 17.07.19 (term not renewed).

Ellen Clinch (Associate Member) 18.07.18 – 17.07.19) (term not renewed).

Our Clerk to Governors



Rachael House Gemmell



If you would like to contact the Governors please write to:
Rachael House Gemmell
Clerk to the Governors
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
Newport Road
RG14 2AW
Email: clerk@stjosephs.w-berks.sch.uk

Our Committees

Catholic Ethos & Admissions Committee

Finance & Premises Committee

Staffing, Performance Management & Safeguarding Committee

Standards & Curriculum Committee


John Apicella (Chair)



Anthony Battrum (Chair)


Elizabeth O’Keeffe



Stephen Wasko (Chair)


Kelly Bosher



Kelly Bosher


Kelly Bosher


Kelly Bosher


Michael Robinson



Sinead Hall


Sinead Hall


Sinead Hall


Catherine Jones



John Apicella


Stephen Wasko


Michael Robinson

Ellen Clinch


Aaroun Dsouza



Nicole Fulker



Faye Glover (School Business Manager)




Jenny Hill


Our Governors