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Welcome to Year 5 - St Catherine of Siena (5 Catherine)


Feast Day 29th April - 'Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire'

Class Teachers - Mrs Westall

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Berry, Mrs Lockhart

One of our key focuses in Year 5 is preparing children for the transition into Year 6.  We teach them English and Maths based on the National frameworks and cover other subjects using our Creative Curriculum.  We actively encourage our children to use independence and creativity across our range of subjects.

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Reading & supporting homework

We encourage children to become successful independent learners in order to prepare the children for year 6.  Children are encouraged to manage their own time in relation to homework and to use their creativity and imagination when carrying out the tasks.  

For Maths games, have a look at Woodlands Junior and BBC Bitesize.

Year 5 Visit Newbury Museum!

On Thursday, Year 5 visited the Newbury Museum to coincide with their current history module the Anglo Saxons. The children were able to look at some ancient artefacts from the period and had to guess the material and what it may be have been used for. The children were then split up into groups and took part in some exciting activities within the museum including Anglo Saxon dress up, treasure hunt, clay printing and ancient rune reading! It was a lovely trip, worth getting soaked in the rain for on the way back to school!

Year 5 Metro Bank Visit

On Tuesday, year 5 walked to Metro Bank in Newbury town centre to have a special tour. The staff at Metro Bank were really welcoming and showed the children the debit card printing machine, money machine and the most excitingly the vault with all the safety deposit boxes!!

Isaac—”Educational and fun!”

Nikolina—”Interesting when they showed us the vault where people keep their valuables!”

Jack—”Free pens and lolly's!!!!”

year 5 metro bank