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Welcome to Year 3 - St Therese of Lisieux (3 Therese)


Feast Day  1st October - A word or a smile is often enough to put fresh life into a despondent soul

Class Teachers : Miss Cannon-Taylor

Teaching Assistant : Mrs Moores , Miss Shepherd, Mrs Lavisher

Year 3 is an exciting new step for our children as they move from KS1 to KS2 and start to take on greater responsibility for independent learning. We learn to support each other as we set out to meet the challenges of the year. We embrace all of this within the Christian ethos of our school family which is at the very heart of all we do.  Year 3 children look to the older children’s exemplary behaviour within the school as they aspire to become future role models for the school. Children who are showing these qualities are rewarded with Form Captain roles.


Ufton Court 5th April 2022

Year 3 W/C 7th March 2022

“Over the last couple of weeks, Year 3 have been focusing on statistics in maths. We began by reading data on a tally chart and creating our charts to collect and record data, moving on to comparing data and understanding what this tells us. We have now moved on to transferring the data from a tally chart to a pictogram. We have done a lot of group work on this and will now be moving towards more independent work for pupils to have a chance to consolidate their learning and understanding on pictograms. The next steps will be looking at bar graphs.“ Miss Cannon-Taylor