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Welcome to Year 1 - St Martin de Porres (1 De Porres)

Class Teacher – Mrs Keefe

Teaching Assistants – Miss Babynko

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Y1 & Y2 Milestones Trip

Years 1 and 2 stepped back in time this week as they visited Milestones Museum in Basingstoke for a school trip. The children got to experience lots of different toys and games from previous decades such Jacks, Tiddlywinks and Pick up sticks. They also had a chance to explore what life looked like in previous decades as well by walking through the museum which is decorated as a Victorian and 1930s network of streets (including cars, trams, different types of shops, classrooms and much more). 


Scarlett (Y2) - 'I enjoyed the games. The best was the building challenge with wooden blocks versus Lego!'


Arthur (Y1) - 'My favourite bit was the fire engine!'


Layla (Y2) - 'I liked going on the buses!'


Chloe (Y1) - 'I liked the shop with the old teddy bears!'


Since visiting the museum, the children in both year groups have produced some very good writing about their trip. They will continue to learn about the past within living memory in topic lessons! Thank you to the adult helpers who volunteered to come with us and make this trip possible. 

Parent Support

How can you help?

•  Listen to them reading daily, ask them about the story and characters

•  Practise counting, Maths games

•  Practise their spellings with them

•  Talk to them about what they have learnt

•  Help them to become more independent by encouraging them to stand in the line on their own before school and say good bye to them there, in the playground

•  Try to ensure they get a good night’s sleep