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Pupil Leadership Team

At St Joseph's Catholic Primary School we pride ourselves on our Pupil Leadership Team.

We have a number of roles of responsibility throughout the school including Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputies, House Captains, Form Captains, Librarians and many more.

In order for us to be awarded a role we have to apply in writing and make a presentation to the school council, the school leadership team and teachers, who then decide who will get each role.

Let us introduce ourselves;


My name is Oliver and I am your Head Boy.

Why I applied to be Head Boy - I applied for Head Boy because I thought I would be a good ambassador for the school; and a helpful person and  a good helper.  Head Boy means to be there for people within the school, when someone needs help I will do my best to help them and to make sure others are able to help them too.

What is a Good Ambassador? - A good ambassador to me is someone who looks out for others and shows them the right way to go.  It is someone who can tell people about teh school, give inspiration, guide people when needed and tell others about how great our school is.

My hobbies are swimming, football, gardening, martial arts.  I'm a member of the Newbury District Swimmin Club.   I play football with a number of other St Joseph's School boys. I help the church with their garden. In Martial Arts i'm hoping to achieve my brown belt.  And of course Pokemon Go! 



My name is Leila and I am your Head Girl.

My name is Leila and I love to sing and dance. I also love to do Muay Thai as I am a quarter way through my black belt.  I enjoyschool a lot and my favourite subject is English.  I love running.  I have a baby brother called Reggie and and older sister called Ebony who was Deputy Head Girl last year.  I can wait to start my new role as Head Girl.



My name is Harry and I am your Deputy Head Boy.

I am 10 years old and my hobbies are gaming, swimming and Cubs. A believe a good ambassador is having good leadership and being a good role model.  I applied to be Deputy Head Boy to be a role model for younger children. 


My name is Gracie and I am your Deputy Head Girl.

My name is Gracie and I love to sing and act.  I have a 2 year old brother called George.  My hobbies are cheer leading and gymnastics.  My favourite subject is English.  my best friend is Leila who is head girl.

Form Captains

Our Form captains are :

Year R - Evie & Ryan

Year 1 - Dean & Kitty

Year 2 - Matty & Isaac

Year 3 - Yasmin & Patryk

Year 4 - Lily B & Micah

Year 5 - Tayla & Morgan