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Pupil Leadership Team

At St Joseph's Catholic Primary School we pride ourselves on our Pupil Leadership Team.

We have a number of roles of responsibility throughout the school including Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputies, House Captains, Form Captains, Librarians and many more.

In order for us to be awarded a role we have to apply in writing and make a presentation to the school council, the school leadership team and teachers, who then decide who will get each role.

Let us introduce ourselves;


My name is Kydan and I am your Head Boy.

I applied to be Head Boy as I believe I am good at showing people around the school and be a good role model to the other children.

I feel I make a good ambassador for the school as I am kind.

I enjoy playing on my XBox in my free time.  I have a younger sister at school too. 



My name is Mia and I am your Head Girl.

My name is Mia and I am delighted to be Head Girl, I am a good ambassador for the  school as I am someone who cares for the school and has good suggestions. I always try to be kind and will help the school become the amazing place it is.  I will work hard to make a happy place.

I have many hobbies including football, reading, writing, drawing, baking and looking after the younger pupils in the school.

I have an older sister that was also Head girl so I am pleased to continue the family tradition.




My name is Lewis and I am your Deputy Head Boy.

I think I am a very ggod person to be Deputy head Boy as I work hard and like to set a good example. I am a good ambassador for the school who is sincere and looks after everyone and everything whick is one of our Diamond Rules. 

I enjoy playing football and other sports, I also enjoy art.  I have a younger brother who started at St Joseph's this year.


My name is Lily and I am your Deputy Head Girl.

I believe I have the confidence to be a good deputy head girl and I think that I am a good role model for the school.  I always try to be helpful, kind and encouraging to others.

I enjoy playing Netball, Football and Swimming.

Form Captains

Our Form captains are :

Year R - Nylah & Danny

Year 1 - Filip & Natalia B

Year 2 - Oliwier & Natalia G

Year 3 - Melissa & Archie

Year 4 - Yuki & Emily

Year 5 - Tiago & Shreya