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ECO CLUB 2019-20

Welcome to St Joseph's ECO CLub page. We are looking forward to a busy 19/20 with lots of exciting environmental projects and activities for the children to be involved in.

We meet every Tuesday after school and the children share ideas, take part in worships and have lots of fun!!

Projects for the coming year include:

Our ECO Club

ECO Team picture to follow

Litter Monitors

We will ensure there are litter monitors in each playground to assist , teach and encourage everyone to look after their environment.

ECO Monitors

We aim to have ECO monitors in each class to monitor recycling and energy saving

Recycling T-Shirts

''We took an old t--shirt and we cut off the sleeves then cut off the labels. Next we cut small strips in the bottom and tied knots in them sealing up any gaps. Last we put colourful beads under the knot.

Switch off fortnight

We will once again take part in switch off fortnight and embark on a range of energy saving and monitoring activites.

Outside Projects

We will undertake planting projects in our nature garden, including poppies and butterfly and bee friendly flowers.

Making and maintaining various bird feeders.

Continue to work on the Woodland area to develop an ECO friendly , enriched

Waste Week

Plastic free week competition, embracing the whole school and encouraging everyone to look after the environment and understand the benefits of doing this.

Local communities and environmental programmes

Continue to build links with 'Growing Newbury Green' and helping to maintain local apple orchards

ECO brick initiative

Work with mini vinnies on the ECO brick project. Working together to reduce reuse recycle the team will work together to create furniture out of recycled materials


Hatching and releasing butterflies and taking part in initiatives throughout the year run by RSPB , BHS and BTO.