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Eco Club 2017-2018

ECO Club 21st Sept 2017

For the first meeting of ECO club this academic year, the club discussed what it mean't to be in ECO club and why we have it and what our priorities for the year would be. ECO club made pledges for the year and put them on our 'pledgehog'

-Educate the rest of the school about recycling

- Help environment

- Tidy up school and environment

We also agreed on our fundraising focus for this year. It will be Hedgehog Bottom , a hedgehog hospital in Thatcham.

Whats under your feet - 12th October 2017

Eco Club are taking part in the What’s under your feet campaign in conjunction with the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO). This is looking at the impact climate change is having across birds across the UK.

We had to dig up a small patch of the garden and count the number of invertebrates found, worms, slugs, snails etc. We also had to record the number and species of birds identified as many of our popular British birds are in decline. The BTO hopes by finding out what is in our soil and beneath our feet they may be able to identify why as all the data collected is reported to BTO.

We are collecting data at 3 key points across the year October, March and June so that scientists can see if the seasons affect the number of bugs found.

BUG Hotel - 2nd Nov 2017

This week the children started work on their bug hotel. A tower has been made of pallets, the children began by searching the Woodland area for leaves , sticks and anything we could use to fill our bug hotel. However before we could begin to fill the bug hotel up it already had a little resident...can you see what it is?

ECO Club 5th Oct 2017

This week we met up again with 'Growing Newbury Green' a local group dedicated to encouraging local communities in Newbury to grow food in open spaces and share the harvest. There are currently 5 orchards they have planted across Newbury. Last year St Joseph's helped to plant one of these orchards in Orchardene.

In today's ECO club we revisited this Orchard to provided much needed maintenance for the area. Once complete we got to try different varieties of apples which the children very much enjoyed.

Hedgehog - 19th October 2017

This week the children started on their fundraiser project this year which is aiming to raise money to support Hedgehog Bottom, a hedgehog hospital and rescue centre based in Thatcham.

We intend to run a fundraising event each term with a view to raising £50 over the school year.

The children worked hard to make a Hedgehog moneybank out of recycled materials. They have then taken this home to collect any loose change they are able to.



Thursday 3rd Nov 2017

This week the children brought back their hedgehog pots that they had been fundraising in. Altogether they have made a fantastic £18.18 that has started us on our way to our fundraising target of £50 this year contribution to Hedgehog Hospital & Rescue centre.

We then made bird feeders using recycled plastic milk bottles. These will be put around the Woodland area next week.

Thursday 16th November

This week the children spent time finishing off their Bug Hotel ready for winter. They also put out the bird feeders made last week out of recycled milk bottles.