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Upcoming Events

Monday 25th November

St Joseph's Church Hall

Monday 29th November -  Christmas Fayre

Tuesday 3rd December -  Save the Children concert

Monday 16th December - SVP Choir and cake morning

Save the children

Choir 2019-20

Berkshire Maestroes Junior Music Festival 2019


This term, we are again involved in a very exciting event - the annual Berkshire Maestros Junior Music Festival at the Anvil, Basingstoke on Tuesday, 26th March.

This year, we will be one of several schools, performing a musical called Rats by Nigel Hess. This show takes a new look at The Pied Piper of Hamelin casting familiar characters in a new light.

The key dates and arrangements for you to be aware of are as follows:

Wednesday, 6th February, 1-3pm / Wednesday, 6th March, 1-3pm Area Rehearsals @ St Nicolas School.

Area rehearsals are with some of the other schools involved in the performance. This year, our area rehearsals will take place at St Nic’s Junior School. Please be aware that we will leave St Nic’s to walk back to school at 3pm so pick up on those days will be 3:20pm at St Joseph’s.

Tuesday, 26th March

A coach will be booked to take the children to Basingstoke, leaving school at midday. There will be an afternoon rehearsal followed by an evening performance. If you are unable to attend the performance (highly recommended), you will be expected to make arrangements for your child to be picked up at the end of the evening. The performance will start at 7:00pm and should be finished by 8:45pm. In previous years, we have filled the time between the afternoon rehearsal and the evening performance with a meal at Pizza Express and would like to do that again this year.

Anvil ticket information

Tickets for this concert will go on sale on Tuesday, 5th February at £15 and £11.50 for concessions, which includes a £2 booking fee (charged by the Anvil). They can be obtained by contacting the Anvil Box Office directly on 01256 844244 or ordering online at www.anvilarts.org.uk. The choir seating plan has not yet been done, but I should be able to let you have this before the tickets become available so that you can secure places with the best view of St Joseph’s!

Learning words/music

The children have a lot of words to learn and will be bringing them home shortly. Please see below for the word 

Many thanks,

Jenny Hill and Louise Moores