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Upcoming Events

Tuesday 24th March - Anvil - CANCELLED

Friday 19th June - Summer Fete

Anvil Key Facts

  • Tickets on sale from the Anvil 11th Feb
  • Priced @ £15.50 and concessions £12.00
  • Placement of choir on the night - in the choir stalls in the area approximately from whole centre block round to stage right:
  • Those parents unable to attend the concert will need to pick their child up from the Anvil at approx. 8:45pm. Security has significantly increased and no one will be allowed into the main foyer without a pass.

Concert dress

  • School uniform bottom halves (grey trousers) or black leggings for girls and smart black shoes.
  • The children will each need a plain black T-shirt to wear. Each child will also wear a hat, supplied by the school.
  •  On the day of the concert, children will need to bring a school jumper and a coat.


  • We will be leaving school at 12:15pm, arriving at the Anvil for 1:00pm.
  • We are rehearsing from 2:00 – 5:00pm.
  • We will then go to Pizza Express for a meal.
  • Concert begins at 7:00pm and is scheduled to end at approx. 8:45pm.

Food and drink

  • We will eat an early lunch at school before we leave to go to the Anvil. It will be easier if everybody could bring a packed lunch in disposable containers.
  • Children will need to have a snack and water with them for the afternoon rehearsal.

Three course meal at Pizza Express at 5pm

Choir 2019-20

Anvil Rehearsals written by Victoria Z & Angela

This term, we are again involved in a very exciting event - the annual Berkshire Maestros Junior Music Festival at the Anvil, Basingstoke on Tuesday, 24th March.

On Tuesday 4th February the School choir went out on anvil practice trip at Thatcham Park Primary School.

Firstly we ate lunch early and got ready at the offce where Mrs Glover gave us all £1.50 to get a ticket on the private bus. Surprisingly Victoria got an extremely rare Paddington bear 50p coin. She didnt want to give it away to the bus driver but eventually gave in.

After boarding the bus we took a short ride to Thatham Park and met a very nice man called Peter who was our conductor. His pianist was called Andrew and he was given a very special award.

We did amazingly fun warm ups like practicing a silent lions roar, which was breathing and stretching and helped a lot.

We sang our hearts out and Peter made practivce very enjoyable and fun.

After a long time of singing we said goodbye and went back home.

Choir is looking forward to Pizza Express and performing in an enormous theatre called the Anvil.

Written by Angela & Victoria Z