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Staff: Academic Year 2016:2017


Headteacher   Mrs McVeigh  
Deputy Head   Mrs Bosher  
Teachers   Mrs Daubney (EYFS)  
    Mr Kenderdine (Y1)  
    Mrs Hill (Y2)  
    Mrs Whitehead (Y3)  
    Mrs Bosher (Y3)  
    Miss Kent (Y4)  
    Mrs Westall (Y5)  
    Mr Robinson (Y6)  
    Miss Garner (Y5/Y6/PPG)  

Mrs Ardagh-Walter(Y4/Y2/Y6) 


Inclusion & Pupil Premium                Co-ordinator


Tracey Privett

Learning Support Assistants  

Miss Babynko

    Mrs Berry  
    Mrs Clark  
    Mrs Holmes  
    Mrs Lavisher  
    Mrs Lockhart  
    Mrs Maggs  
    Mrs Moores  
    Mrs Robinson  
    Mrs Rumble  
    Mrs Scott  
    Miss Shepherd  
    Mrs Tucker  
PA to Headteacher / Office Manager   Mrs Walker-Reed  
Finance Officer   Mrs Glover    
Adminstration Assistant   Mrs Holmes  
Clerk to the Governors   Mrs House Gemmell  
Support Staff      
Site Manager   Mr Lucas  
Cook   Mrs Harle  
Kitchen Assistant   Mrs Burton   
Lunch Time Supervisor   Mrs Knight  
Link Club Staff      
Playleader   Mrs Berry  
Playworkers   Mrs Maggs  
    Mrs Clark  
    Mrs Robinson  
    Mrs Mitchell  
    Miss Coward  



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